bare root peonies for your peony garden

Peonies make an ideal gift because they live for a long time. It is a gift that keeps on growing for years and years to come. Children, Mothers and Grandmothers will share their memories of these lovely peonies. 

And this is why, Peonies are gifts that keep on giving because people with peonies divide their roots and share them with family members and friends.
And, they love to share the gorgeous, fragrant peony blossoms!

Give them the Hope and Promise of Color and Joy!

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Entrance Flower beds at Peony Gardens

Peony Farm's twin entrance bed exhibits several exhibition ITOH PEONIES, TREE PEONIES and HERBACEOUS PEONIES. 


We have a large variety of peony roots available at wholesale price.

Please contact:  AMY HALL 360-808-7239


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Peony Farm, Sequim, WA

Give the Gift of Peonies
Peonies - the Gift that Keeps On Giving

What 's happening at the Peony Farm right now? 

We just got done digging and dividing the peony roots.

Attention Wholesale Customers

Loads of peony roots available for wholesale sales.  Contact Amy at 360-808-7239 to discuss details.

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Please note that all peonies are freshly dug in the fall (when they are dormant).

The bare root peonies are shipped during the months of October, November and December (for late orders).

Supplies of bare root peonies are limited to divisions available from stock. Our divisions are mostly from 3-4 year plants. They have the trade standard 3-5 eyes.

***Click here  for the PLANT HARDINESS MAP to find out what peony variety will thrive in your area. Peonies require winter cold to flourish. However, some areas have those pocket areas that will allow your peonies to grow well. The Hardiness Zones were developed to support you in making informed decisions.

Cut Peony Flowers at Peony Farm​

What's Up at Peony Farm?

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Order Cancellation subject to Cancellation processing and handling fee of $25.00.

Orders cancelled after 59 days subject to a cancellation fee at 50% of Order Total.

Due to program restrictions, we are unable to adjust shipping charges in case of orders with 3 or more itohs, or a combination of itohs and tree peonies or more than 2 tree peonies.

Please note that there will be shipping surcharge in case of the above. 
We will contact you, if there are additional shipping cost

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Remember, I am available for any questions you might have. 
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Welcome to Peony Gardens

We offer for sale over 250 varieties of Peonies, from your Garden variety to Itoh Peonies and Tree Peonies, in a wide selection of colors and variety.

For your convenience,  you can

For more information: Try out our pdf compressor to reduce pdf file sizes and read about piones in PDF or go to the Information tabs such as About Herbaceous Peonies, Itoh Peonies and Tree Peonies.

Please note that we do not use Neonicitinoides on our peony beds or the farm.

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Peony Viewing Days: May 15 to June 30

We are sorry to see the peonies go, but know that next year, we will have their beautiful presence again!

Thank You for visiting with us. Been wonderful to see again old friends, meet new friends and a chance to share our beautiful peonies with you all!

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Please order early to reserve your bare root peony selection.

Peony Farm Visitor viewing/resting area