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Peony Farm Gardens is a member of the Pacific Northwest Peony Society, Heartland Peony Society and the American Peony Society

We find that we are able to enjoy continued education on the cultivation of peonies, issues affecting the growth of peony plants, and enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of members of the Pacific Northwest Peony Society; we are keeping informed by our membership with the American Peony Society of the newest cultivars introduced by the peony propagators. We share the excitement of the newest introductions to our fellow peony enthusiast through our facebook page.
For those of you who wants to learn more about peonies, check out the American Peony Society website and the Heartland Peony Society. As a member of the Heartland Peony Society, I find their peony identification utility very useful in identifying peonies.

We are also members of the Sequim Chamber of Commerce. As a member of our local 

Sequim Chamber of Commerce, we are kept abreast of local developments and happening in our area. It's also fun to check out the current events through - Your Guide to Sequim, Washington website for our visitors and friends. 

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Choice, distinctive varieties.

The peonies we offer for sale are carefully selected, therefore most cultivars are very limited, but are of great value and beauty. Peonies are ideal plants for the north and are extremely hardy. They are great performers, and with minimal basic care, your peonies will grow to provide a lifetime of enjoyment. 
We currently offer over 250 varieties for sale at our 24/7 Online store and our Onsite store at 
Peony Farm.

Fall is the best time to plant Peonies in your garden, before the 1st hard frost when you can't dig the soil. 

You can buy container grown peonies in the spring time, enjoy it and then plant your them in the ground the following Fall.

Peony Farm. peonies. choice. distinctive.​

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Peony Viewing Days: May 15 to June 30

Peony  Farm Gardens

Field of Beautiful Senorita at Peony Farm Gardens

Peonies, peonies, peonies – how beautiful and fragrant they are when in bloom. And the foliage provides a colorful landscape all the way to Fall. They are a must have for gardens.  This love for peonies and desire to acquire more of them, the discovery of intersectionals and tree peonies led me to a decision to open a Peony farm. How else can I justify buying more peonies? And I really do want to share my fascination with the beauty of peonies and what a great and non-fussy landscape plant it is. People are reminded of growing it in their hometown backyard, a glorious welcome to Spring and a backdrop in their fond memories of Summer.

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​​We hope that you find the information presented about the Peonies informative and useful. We are excited about our peony offering and hope that you find one or two that just make you feel happy. 
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I and other peony lovers are! 

My love for flowers and gardening led us to move to the Pacific Northwest. Here I can have more land to enjoy my passion for gardening. To start my peony garden, I planted 25 herbaceous peonies; then the rest of my garden was planted with 35 roses, 15 lilies, clematis, hydrangeas, 11 Japanese Maples and other maple trees, various conifers. Yes! I wanted to have it all fast. I was a deprived gardener finally achieving my lifelong dream. My first exposure to peonies came from reading Victorian novels, Victorian movies and reading, yes! “Victoria” magazine.


Peony Farm Gardens  is located in the beautiful Happy Valley of Sequim, Washington, right next to the Olympic National Forest. The  2 acre farm includes a colorful English style garden surrounding the farmhouse, a small fruit orchard, berry patches, grapes, a vegetable garden, AND the Peony Farm Gardens with over 2000 peonies planted at this time.

That's right, we offer choice, distinctive varieties of peonies for sale:



the 1st and ONLY Peony Farm in the Olympic Peninsula!

(Washington State)

passion for peonies

Peony Farm Gardens was established in 2009, five years after our move to Washington. I love peonies! This passion for peonies that began so long ago started the planting of about 170 herbaceous peony roots bought from a variety of growers plus the subdivided roots from my own garden (which has now grown to over 175 varieties and 1600 peonies planted!). 

Peony Farm. peonies. choice. distinctive.​