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Welcome the Peony Season with very early blooming Roselette. Elegantly formed pink cup shaped single that is sometimes streaked with darker pink. A very early bloomer that ushers the season of full size peonies. Center ball of deep yellow staminodes. Mature blooms remain attractive withstanding early spring winds. Establishes and increases stem count quickly. Good garden habit. Roselette has a demure, understated presence. This one is for the discriminating peony collector who wants something really special early in the season. Precious.

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Vivid Rose possess a heavenly rose fragrance. Outside of petals slightly lighter in color. Excellent cut flower. Needs support for the large double flowers.

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Sweet Marjorie has neat and sweet pink cactus-style blooms with alluring streaks of cream, green and deep rose-pink. Slightly fragrant.

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Large double bloom with rather narrow center petals approaching the incurved bomb type. The color is a glowing rich pink with a distinct and unusual salmon cast. The plant is a vigorous, healthy grower producing freely the flowers on long strong stems. This variety is the first to show this color, an entirely new color in double peonies. Both in the garden and in the exhibit among all the others. Glasscock-Auten, 1939. One of the early doubles to bloom. ​

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Wilford Johnson's very large flowers of a rich, fluorescent pink command attention from afar. Flower placement is very close to the top of the foliage. Dark green leaflets on stems of medium height and very erect. Great for the mixed border.

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Tom Eckhardt. Lovely, unusual Japanese flowers of fragrant rosy-red enthroned upon abundant, dark green foliage. Outer petals guard yellow, orange and rose-red staminodium. Good cut flower.

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Frothy light lavender pink ruffled petals with darker lavender red flares. Finely cut foliage. Profuse bloomer with side buds. Mounded plant habit. Slender but strong stems. RARE.

Not Available 2014 

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Walter Faxon is a double peony with the most vivid pink of a luminous intensity, which is unique in peonies. Attractive and mildly fragrant flowers. Excellent variety.

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Nature's hand at work in the very appealing color of Ruffled Sunset.  Beautiful blend of rose, pink and yellow with two or more rows of petals and deeper rose flares. This tree peony has an excellent amount of bloom on good sturdy stems and fertile pollen. Want a shorter tree peony for that spot in your garden?  Here's your answer! 

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Pink, Salmon-orange, single, very early, such a color so early in the peony season! Symmetrical flower form with delightful color combination! Great stem strength. tremendous vigor. Gardener's delight 

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Ornate amber/cream flowers with pink to rose shadings. Very double and ruffled flowers face outward, but not down. Good carriage on generally short plants. Pink stigmas are visible on some flowers. Petals are highly ruffled. Light green foliage is dense and provides and excellent backdrop for flowers. Wider than tall 3.5 ft. Blooms heavily each year. Useful short landscape shrub due to good foliage and mounded plant form. RARE. Limited Availability. 

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Large early blooms, fully double, in the deepest pink, with the back of the petals a little lighter. Its open cup shape sheds water fairly well allowing the plant to be more resistant to falling over in the garden after the rain. Its most pleasant fragrance makes it a popular flower. Won high honors as a show flower, and is sure to command a place of honor in your garden as well. In high demand whenever available. Excellent cut flower. Great as a specimen plant or exhibition flower. 

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The Fawn has a delicate, pink parchment blossom with background color closely fused with rose colored, fawn-like spots. Very choice rare variety. For me, it's a toss up between June Rose and The Fawn!

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Lively large lilac-pink blossoms with full center of yellow stamens on with tall grace and elegance. Seashell is a fine performer and beautiful as cut flower. APS Gold Medal Award 1990. Excellent and robust variety for those who like the grace and elegance of single flowers. 

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Delicately speckled, soft pink blossom with a touch of creamy white at base of each central petal tuft. Tuft may have some red edging. Excellent cut flower with luxurious, deep green foliage.

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Tree Peony A beautiful healthy vigorous Japanese Moutan hybrid. Magnificent, large 7"-8", highly ruffled, bright, clear pink, semi-double fragrant flowers on strong woody stems. Foliage maintains ornamental interest throughout the growing season. Superb accent plant.


This unique double features alternating layers of soft pink and creamy white petals. The 5-7” blooms are fragrant and looks great enough to be a dessert! Late spring to summer display of gorgeous peonies and a display of red leaves in autumn! A favorite among florist for cut flowers. SIMPLY GORGEOUS!  What's your flavor - Raspberry Sundae or Sorbet?​​

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Tom Eckhardt lending its cheerful notes at the Peony Farm 

The catalog below list Peony plants for sale in Pink.


Apple-blossom pink double with cream-white toning at base gives a romantic effect. Irregularly disposed petals. Needs support in the garden. Intoxicating fragrance. Floriferous, bending stems. Tourangelle is a handsome, very richly colored flower which requires time to develop to its best form. Awesome cut flower 

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Pink with white base and peppermint-raspberry streaking; single to semi double. Twisted and fluted petals. ​

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Sarah Bernhardt. Very large dark rose pink flowers with edges a little lighter. Subtle hint of crimson in center. Excellent cut flowers and fragrant. A very popular old favorite peony that can be of exhibition quality. Free-flowering, weak stems need support. Dependable bloomer has been a standard in the cut flower trade for years.  Long vase life. A choice selection for the pink collection. 

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Medium, clear pink with salmon blends and lots of green in outer petals. Nicely cupped and crowned blooms of cactus-flowering dahlia type. Pink Jitterbug is simply adorable.


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Raspberry Sundae is reminiscent of scoops of vanilla ice cream covered with raspberry topping dripping through the pale petals. Blossoms up to 10" across. Distinctive form and color. A long time favorite. Raspberry Sundae is an excellent cut flower. Long vase life.  Needs staking. What's your flavor - Raspberry Sundae or Sorbet?

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Attractively cupped, warm salmon-pink blossoms held on sturdy stems. Deep green glossy foliage makes this an outstanding gem in the landscape. Weather resistant. 2008 APS Gold Medal Award; 2009 Award of Landscape Merit. Both seed and pollen fertile. Used extensively in breeding new cultivars. Makes large seeds.​

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