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Gift Certificates for Peony Loversat Peony Farm

Hephestos Tree Peony, Peony Farm

At Peony Gardens, we are committed to your enjoyment of
your peonies in your garden and in your home. 

    This is why we provide two (2) year old organically grown peony roots with 3-5 eyes per tuber.   And if you have a passion for peonies,  you probably want to enjoy your blooming peonies for a longer period of time.   So we thought we'd provide you a faster way to select peonies based on their blooming period,  Much like rhododendron and lilies, different varieties have different blooming times.  Peonies blooming periods are classified as:  Very Early, Early, Mid, Late and Very Late.   

    To facilitate your selection of peonies for this purpose,  please click here for the attached pdf file titled "Peonies Blooming Time " for Washington State.
  The chart also includes the pictures of the peonies in color to assist you with your color selection.   

Peonies - the Gift that Keeps On Growing!

 Peonies as gift, The Gift that Keeps on Growing! Peonies for sale, POTTED PEONIES Peony Farm, WA   peonies for sale, Paula Fay Peonies growing at the Peony Farm garden

Peonies make an ideal gift because they live for a long time.  It is a gift that keeps on growing for years and years to come.   Children, Mothers and Grandmothers will share their memories of these lovely peonies. 

And this is why, Peonies are gifts that keep on giving because people with peonies divide their roots and share them with family members and friends.

Gift Certificates Available.

Gift Certificates

    If interested,
  • Go to our Contact Us form.
  • Type in under "Comments": the words: "Gift Certificate"
  • Enter the Recipient's contact information:
    • Name of Recipient
    • Address
    • Telephone Number
    • Email if available (so we can email the Gift Certificate to them)
    • Message if any to be included in the Gift Certificate
  • We will contact you as soon as we receive your information to confirm the information submitted and complete the processing of the gift certificate.
OR, you can click here for the Shopping Cart
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Ordering Peonies Online

Ordering Online is easy with our secure ordering system.   To make your selection,  click here for the Shopping Cart link.

Our online shipping cart's address is:

 peonies, SHOPPING CART, PayPal, for sale peonies, Peony Farm, WA

OR,  you can also choose to place your order by phone for any of over 250 varieties of freshly dug bare root peonies.  


Please call us @360-808-4099 to discuss your wholesale needs:  selections, term and delivery options. Please be prepared to provide your License Information as well as Taxpayer's ID.            

GUARANTEE.       We provide 3-5 eyes per tuber. We guarantee the roots to be satisfactory upon arrival (please report promptly if damaged during shipment).  We do not assure the plants will live and grow well for you - that outcome depends too much upon circumstances beyond our control.  However, we will work with you to diagnose the cause of the problem.

Peony for Sale at Peony Gardens WA

Peony  Farm Gardens
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Tel: 360.808.4099

Peony Viewing Days: May 15 to June 30
Farm Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 11am-4pm
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