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Featured Peonies

Feature #1:  TREE PEONY

Tree  Peony

tree peony PHOENIX WHITE tree peonies for sale at Peony Farm

Pale pink to soft white, large single to semi-double Moutan
with purple hues and prominent purple flares.
Large and outward facing, it turns from
pale mauve-pink to pearly white on maturity. Waxy, deep green foliage.
Strong grower and very floriferous.

Highly recommended.

Check it out on the Catalog Section.

Feature #2:  Itoh Peony

 Itoh Peony 




A red ITOH! 
Stunning bright red single, really stands out!
These brilliant, showy flowers will not lose their intensity under the full sun.  Floriferous.
One of the fastest growing peonies. 
No staking needed.
Another introduction by Roger Anderson.

Check it out on the Catalog section. 


Feature #3:  Herbaceous Peony

Herbaceous Peony

Peonies CHRISTMAS VELVET at Peony Farm, WA

This unique double features alternating layers
of soft pink and creamy white petals.
The 5-7” blooms are fragrant and
looks great enough to be a dessert!
Late spring to summer display of gorgeous peonies
and a display of red leaves in autumn!
A favorite among florist for cut flowers.
What's your flavor -  Raspberry Sundae or Sorbet? 


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Peony for Sale at Peony Farm WA

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